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At Sandalwood Physio, we are a team of registered physiotherapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and massage therapists who are working hand-in-hand to deliver you an optimal health and fast recovery.

Sandalwood Physiotherapy & Wellness

We believe that more accurate the initial assessment process is, more speedy is the recovery. This is the reason why we prefer to spend a good time on your body assessment.

Ours is a full-service, multi-disciplinary rehabilitation center that is committed to provide you the optimal health in the least time. With us, you can rest assured as we have years of experience in dealing with your acute and chronic body pains and injuries. Our clinic is well equipped and ventilated to make you feel relaxed and at ease. To make treatments more accessible, we offer home visits and lab tests.

Our Mission & Commitment

Simply put, we are here to provide our patients the treatment and care they need. With a team of registered acupuncturists, we make sure what you receive is natural and effective. Our non-invasive therapies can help you recover faster by eliminating the pain. Our comprehensive care programs are effective because:

  • We treat people of all ages and walks of life.
  • We'll answer all your queries with patient education.
  • We address physiotherapy and mental aspects of recovery.
  • We provide an in-depth individual evaluation.
  • We combine several treatment methods & techniques.
  • We are conveniently located with a fully equipped facility.

Why Sandalwood Physio?

At Sandalwood Physio, our clinical procedures are developed in consultation with the registered health care professionals to ensure what you receive is a personalized medical care. With us, you can not only spare a peace of mind but can also save money. We take pride in providing you with a positive healthcare experience. Visit us today to recover from your mental and health ailments.

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