Custom Orthotics & Braces

orthotics and bracesDo you need custom designed orthotics and braces to ease your painful conditions? If yes, Sandalwood Physiotherapy & Wellness is here to provide the right custom orthotic and brace you need for quick comfort and recovery. Using our specifically designed products, you can get relief from the ongoing foot pain and muscle conditions that generally arise due to age, sports injury or by wearing tightly fitting shoes.

Whatsoever be the reason behind the pain, foot orthotics and ankle braces are important products that are specially designed to promote recovery from injury and ease in movement.

How Do Custom Made Orthotics Work?

Being on your feet all day can cause aches and pain in your feet and lower body. This is caused by the shock of your feet hitting the ground, which can travel up your leg with every step you take. If your feet aren’t properly supported, everyday movement can cause stress and strain. Our properly fitting orthotic products have insoles which provide support to your feet and prevent pain-inducing shock and stress.

Advantages Of Custom Orthotics

  • Clinically proven relief and prevention of foot, knee, or lower back pain.
  • All-day and immediate relief so you can focus on what matters you most.
  • Enhanced postural stability for a balanced foundation.
  • Comfort and support to your feet to keep you moving freely.

Get Relief From Pain With Custom Brace

Optimal treatment outcomes are dependent upon an optimal fit; therefore, a custom brace is often designed from a model of the patient’s body. In the past, models were created from a plaster and a series of measurements which was messy and uncomfortable to the patient.

Whether you are struggling with a back injury, knee injury, shoulder pain or wrist injury, our custom braces at Sandalwood Physiotherapy & Wellness provide corrections for a muscular and nerve disorder. Please let us know how we can work together with you to find the right brace for your ailing condition.

Get Your Pair Of Custom Made Orthotics & Brace!

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