Back Pain Treatment With Chiropractic Care

Back Pain Treatment With Chiropractic Care

I Woke Up With Unbearable Back Pain, Help!

When you are fed up with you continuous back pain, you can take help of chiropractic care. There are several chiropractic care options that can get rid of back lower pain. It can help address pain due to any conditions such as:

  • Facet joint sprain
  • Sacroiliac sprain
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Back sprain injuries

Before anyone goes to the professional, it is necessary to go through an exam to diagnose the actual cause of your pain. For this, the chiropractor will take a physical and neurological exam or may also utilize motion and static palpation. In order to diagnose the reason for pain, the chiropractic may use various methods like X-rays, MRIs and laboratory test and analyze your way of walking, etc.

Once the reason of back pain has been disclosed, the chiropractor will start the treatment that will turn out to be beneficial for fast recovery.

Chiropractic Treatment For Back Pain

  • Flexion-distraction Technique: It is a gentle and non-thrusting method for spinal manipulation.
  • Instrument Assisted Manipulation: It is another non-thrusting method in which the professional uses the hand-held instrument to use force without thrusting into the spine.
  • Specific Spinal Manipulation: This one is an active and hands-on treatment that restores movement in the spine.

Additional Chiropractic Techniques

  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapyinvolves repeated strokes of the instrument over the restricted movement area.
  • Manual joint stretching and resistance is a method to ease the back pain.
  • Therapeutic massagerelieves from tense back muscles.
  • Trigger point therapyhelps to identify the specific tight and painful points on muscle.

How Chiropractic Care Works?
However, you want the chiropractic only for your back pain, but it will work on the whole body. Gradually, it will treat all the knee pain, neck pain and chronic pain. Removing all minor health issues, chiropractic care makes you active in your routine life. With chiropractic care, you will also learn how to prevent future back pain.

In order to tackle your back pain, you can visit Sandalwood Physiotherapy. Our registered chiropractors provide personalized treatment to alleviate ailments, injuries and body pain. Schedule a free consultation to get the effective solution of your painful condition.

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