I Woke Up With Unbearable Back Pain, Help!

I Woke Up With Unbearable Back Pain, Help!

I Woke Up With Unbearable Back Pain, Help!

You might ignore the pain when you first time got it in your back. This is why, your ignorance lead it to become unbearable. So, when anyone feels the pain in the lower back, it should be treated immediately by consulting with the professionals. There is no exact cause of having back pain in the morning, it could be due to:

  • Sleeping position
  • Bad mattress
  • Pregnancy
  • Disc degeneration
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Injury

On-Spot Treatment

  • Majority of back pain is a sign of serious injury can appear in future. For now, you should move slowly preventing the pain to become worse.
  • It could be difficult and painful, but try to walk slowly. You can do the simple exercises like touching your feet toe.
  • You can heat the pain appearing body parts for 10-15 minutes on the normal temperature.
  • When you are sitting, you can use the lumbar support.

Things To Avoid

  • Don’t think that staying on the bed can remove the pain, even it can make your back-pain stay for a long time.
  • Give your spine rest from the heavy loads. If you lift the heavy objects in such a painful condition, you may get an injury.
  • Don’t sit for more than 20 minutes on a chair or any hard surface as this can put the weight on your back.

Call The Physiotherapist
Don’t depend on the few on-spot pain relieving tricks. These are just to make you easy to bear with the extreme pain. When you find the pain is lower and you can easily visit physiotherapist then arrange a visit at Sandalwood Physiotherapy.

We provide hands-on treatment, exercise and optimal care to recover you faster. Schedule a free consultation today.

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